Austerity Swift Nissenfeld

welcome to my space

About Me

Hi, I'm Austerity Swift Nissenfeld, but you can call me Teri

I'm a older transgender woman living in the midwest US trying to make my way through life. I'm a programmer by trade and have been involved in tech since I was a child back in the pre-internet days.

I've done most everything and while I wrote a number of stage plays back in my youth I'm trying my hand at children's literature and novels these days. I have some coding projects hanging around as well as game designs in most every medium.

Current Projects

Authorship and Code


A .net linguistic engine capable of generating dialogue and descriptions in any language

The Bunny on the Hill

A children's picture book about growing up queer

Under a Pastel Moon

A collection of interlinked short stories within the Pastel Sky universe

Archived Projects

Currently Inactive

Warrens MUD

A .net architecture, web based text-only MMORPG engine

Harvest Moon Ripoff MUD

A .net architecture, web based pixel graphics MMORPG social farming game engine